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I'm MJ Durkin and I'm an author, speaker, husband, father, business owner and a Mentor of Men.

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Work With MJ

For years, training clients and fans have been asking MJ if he does personal Mentoring to help them with business solutions, family challenges, saving a marriage and navigating a divorce. We have several options to guide you to a successful outcome!

Men of Honor

The Men of Honor Podcast gives men technology and inspiration to help them become better fathers, husbands, sons, boyfriends and community leaders.

Million Dollar Idea

“You are one idea away from a million dollars!” The Million Dollar Idea Podcast is for the dreamers and the risk takers that are seeking freedom through business ownership.

Conversations With Men

Join our Conversations with Men Facebook Group and ask your questions, reveal your experiences and offer your wisdom to the Men in our Brotherhood. In this group we support and encourage each other to be better Men than we were yesterday! You are welcome to join us - if you are a Man!

Recent Blog Articles

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This Man in our Private Facebook Group for Men asked this question: So…what is the secret to forever lasting relationships? Is a relationship like a great book? And once you have read, fell in love

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Men's Mentoring Programs

Most Men are isolated. The majority of Men don’t have 3 Men in their phone that they could call for advice or support. Men get support from Men shoulder to shoulder working together side by side. When Men take “manly” actions together they bond in a way that is unique to Men. If you’ve lost that connection to your Masculine Edge we want you to know that you are not alone! If you are looking for a Mentor and a “Circle of Power” click to “Apply” to be considered for Membership on one of our Mentoring Teams.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

If you are a Business Owner, Manager, VP or Director you may be looking for a way to increase your online marketing or lead generation. You might be trying to figure out how to promote your products or services with online sales as well as ways to motivate and manage your Salespeople or Customer Service Teams – remotely!

I'm MJ Durkin and I'm an author, speaker, husband, father, business owner and a Mentor of Men.