Will The Responsibility of Marriage Make You Into a Better Man?

Will The Responsibility of Marriage Make You Into a Better Man?

Recently I posted a meme in our private Facebook Community for Men that said: “Marriage Will Make You Into a Better Man!” And I got some push back. Here’s what Tom said:

I disagree. I see Modern Women bossing their husbands around. I’m seeing a lot of men no longer wearing the leadership pants in 2020.

Why do guys always need to run it by their wife? It’s to prevent them from having a hissy fit. When was the last time you could go do what ever u wanted without a women telling you it’s ok?

I could go on based off my observations but, I’ve felt more like a man being single, than I ever did with a women.

My Answer:

Tom, Being “free as only a Man can aspire to be” is a great credo and EVERY Man should savor his singleness. A single Man is a MUSTANG that should enjoy his freedom and pursue everything he is excited about: God, success, money, thrills, hobbies, beautiful Women, Faith, personal development, friends, family and giving to his community. This is a wonderful time to learn how to be comfortable in his own skin and to know that he is WHOLE and complete with his connection to HIS God and his own personality, skills, desires and talents. The single Man can discover great self-satisfaction in learning to love himself and to be self-sufficient.  He learns that he does not need a Woman or any relationship to define his worth or success as a Man. This Man knows who is, he is powerful and largely lives to serve himself – this is not bad. This is a phase of life that a single Man should look forward to and should look to prolong – a Man should be dragged to the altar! A Man who is too needy and needs a Woman to “complete” him as a Man is not ready for marriage!

Your comment is “that you see Modern Women bossing their Husbands around. And that you’ve felt more like being a Man than being single than ever being with a Woman.” Certainly, if a Man is allowing himself to be bossed around and his Wife has not stepped into HIS strong Masculine frame then he is in trouble. He either allowed the wrong Woman to choose him or slowly and unwittingly did not hold fast to terms and he lost his frame. Men don’t really lead in the relationship but are more like a “ROCK” or what I call the “Foundation Builder,” that the Woman builds her relationship around.

Women have not emasculated Men and they have not attacked Men – we held the knife that neutered us! My recommendation would be that IF you want to be with a Woman that you hold out and attract a Woman that is soft, feminine, strong, loves herself and is willing to step into your “Masculine Frame.” If you don’t want that then stay single and be the MUSTANG! It’s a great life – until it’s not!

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